Wiring Diagrams

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Big Top/Standard Top Sandwich/Salad Refrigerators VUR3-BT, VUR4-12BT, VUR4-18BT, VUR5-18BT; VUR5-24BT, VUR6-18BT, VUR6-30BT, VUR60-SBS, VUR60-SST, VUR60-12,VUR-60-16, VUR72-12 & VUR72-18; UR-48-8, UR-48-10, UR-48-12, UR-27-SST, URD-27-SST, UF-27-SST, UFD-27-SST, UR-27-SBS, URD-27-SBS, UF-27-SBS, UFD-27-SBS, UR-48-SST, UF-48-SST, UR-48-SBS, UF-48-SBS Click Here
Spec Line Freezers FS-1D-S7, FS-2D-S7, FS-3D-S7, FSA-1D-S7, FSA-2D-S7, FSA-3D-S7, FA-1D-S7, FA-2D-S7, FA-3D-S7; FS-1D-S7-XH, FS-2D-S7-XH, FS-3D-S7-XH, FSA-1D-S7-XH, FSA-2D-S7-XH, FSA-3D-S7-XH; FS-1N-S7, FS-2N-S7, FS-3N-S7; FIS-1D-S7, FIS-2D-S7, FISA-1D-S7, FISA-2D-S7, FIA-1D-S7, FIA-2D-S7; FIS-1D-S7-XH, FIS-2D-S7-XH, FIS-3D-S7-XH; FISA-1D-S7-XH, FISA-2D-S7-XH, FISA-3D-S7-XH; FIA-1D-S7-XH, FIA-2D-S7-XH Click Here
Spec Line Refrigerators RS-1D-S7, RS-2D-S7, RS-3D-S7, RSA-1D-S7, RSA-2D-S7, RSA-3D-S7, RA-1D-S7, RA-2D-S7, RA-3D-S7; RS-1D-S7-EW, RS-2D-S7-EW, RS-3D-S7-EW, RSA-1D-S7-EW, RSA-2D-S7-EW, RSA-3D-S7-EW, RA-1D-S7-EW, RA-2D-S7-EW, RA-3D-S7-EW; RS-1N-0S7, RS-2N-S7, RS-3N-S7; RS 1N S7 FF, RS 2N S7 FF; RIS-1D-S7, RIS-2D-S7, RIS-3D-S7, RISA-1D-S7, RISA-2D-S7, RISA-3D-S7, RIA-1D-S7, RIA-2D-S7, RIA-3D-S7; RIS-1D-S7-XH, RIS-2D-S7-XH, RIS-3D-S7-XH, RISA-1D-S7-XH, RISA-2D-S7-XH, RISA-3D-S7-XH, RIA-1D-S7-XH, RIA-2D-S7-XH, RIA-3D-S7-XH Click Here
Spec Line Warming Cabinets (208-230V) HA-1D-S7, HA-2D-S7, HS-1D-S7, HS-2-D-S7, HS-1D-7-EW, HS-2D-7-EW; HIA-1D-S7, HIA-2D-S7, HIA-3D-S7, HIA-1D-S7-XH, HIA-2D-S7-XH Click Here
Undercounter Freezers UF-27 & UF-48 with R-404 Refrigerant Click Here
Undercounter Refrigerators UR-48-8, UR-48-10, UR-48-12, Ur-27-SAL with R-134a Refrigerant Click Here
V-Series Freezers VF-1, VF-2, VF-3 Click Here
V-Series Refrigerators VR-1, VR-2, VR-3 Click Here